Dennis Kennedy and Angeles Valenciano

As the Founder and CEO of the Texas Diversity Council, we would like to personally welcome you to our website. We are very excited to share the ways in which the Council will strive to be a champion of diversity and inclusion in Texas.

In today’s society, diversity and inclusion plays a vital role in both the workplace and the community. As our country continues to compete in a global marketplace, organizations across America will need a myriad of new ideas, talent, and resources in order to remain competitive on the world stage. It is the Council’s belief that these ideas and innovations will best emanate from a diverse workforce with unique perspectives and viewpoints.

The Texas Diversity Council is committed to promoting environments in which diversity is effectively fostered and leveraged to drive innovation and business success. By partnering with businesses and organizations as well as working within companies, schools and communities, we aim to achieve our goal of promoting diversity and inclusion within these various realms. Our hope is to facilitate the creation of a truly open society, where the flow of ideas is unrestricted and everyone has a chance to be successful in their chosen field.

The Council strives to be a resource for both individuals and organizations in Texas. Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in the Council’s initiatives and help us create a positive and lasting impact in the Texas communities.


Dennis Kennedy
Founder & Chairman
Texas Diversity Council

Angeles Valenciano
Texas Diversity Council